Make a New Year’s Resolution To Meditate

Riverside Park ApartmentAre you like most of us and break your New Year’s resolutions before March? We have one resolution that is worth keeping and might even help you keep your other resolutions – mindfulness meditation. Mindful meditation involves breathing methods and other practices to relax your body and mind. It also helps you reduce stress.

Here are some reasons to practice mindful meditation and how to set up space in your Riverside Park apartment making meditation easier.

It Might Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Mindfulness meditation has been studied as a strategy for maintaining other goals. Mindful meditation helps you stay focused and calm, which has helped with overindulging and restfulness.

It Supercharges Your Brain

Mindfulness can improve your working memory, the part of your brain that juggles temporary information. It also improves cognitive flexibility. 

It Helps you Live a Happier, Healthier Life

We all want to live happier, healthier lives. It is probably one of your resolutions. Because mindful meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and promotes physical well-being, people who practice mindful meditation report living happier and more productive lives.

Creating a Meditation Space in your Reno apartment

You do not need an entire room for meditation – a corner of a room will do! Rearrange some furniture to create a space in your living room or your bedroom. Next, consider what images or objects will fit the purpose of your new meditation space. Go for a minimalist approach to decorating the space to avoid distractions. Include images of Buddha, candles, flowers, cushions, and pillows. 

Now that you know three great reasons to resolve to include mindful meditation in your daily routine and you have some tips to create a space in your Riverside Park apartment in Reno. It is time to say good riddance to 2020 and to a happier, less stressful new year.