Celebrating the Holidays in Reno

holidays in RenoIt is officially the most wonderful time of the year, and across the area, people are stringing holiday lights through tree branches, hanging wreaths, and putting elaborate displays in front of their homes and businesses. Spectacular light displays are a great way to brighten the holidays in Reno. 

Here are a few reasons we love holiday lights and some of the best holiday displays near your Reno apartment.

Do Holiday Lights Make You Happy?

The simple answer is YES! Twinkling lights and displays are joyful reminders that the holidays are around the corner. The change in your routine around the holidays is a much-welcomed break from our everyday routines.

Holiday lights and decorations help us recall our childhood memories. These decorations were followed by good food and gatherings with friends and family. 

For many of us, we get the “warm fuzzies” when looking at holiday lights and displays. 

Holiday Displays in Reno

If there ever has been a year where we needed to experience “warm fuzzies”, 2020 would be it! Here are a few of the light displays near your Riverside Park apartment.

Hidden Valley Parade of Lights

The Hidden Valley neighborhood on the east side of Reno has been celebrating the holiday with spectacular light displays, animated figures and music. 

The public is invited to come and enjoy the holiday lights.

Reno Light Display Map

Here’s a map of some of the best holiday displays near your Reno apartment. 

Downtown Reno

Downtown Reno will be decorated with lights and wreaths this year. Many businesses will be celebrating the holiday with special deals and displays.

Decorate Your Own Riverside Park Apartment

Holiday lights, twinkly lights, or stringed lights, or fairy lights, whatever you call them, they are an inexpensive way to decorate your apartment for the holidays!

Drape a string of lights over a door, on a mantle, under a glass dome or around a plant. No matter what you do, sparkling lights are sure to brighten your spirits.


Celebrate the holidays in Reno with bright lights, good cheer, and good health.