Get Involved With Your Neighborhood While Living in Reno

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As a new resident of Riverside Park, you’ve also become a citizen of Reno! Getting in touch with your neighborhood enriches your living experience. Your efforts and involvement give back to the community! Here are some ways you can be an active citizen while living in Reno. 


Check out Your Local Library in Reno Virtually


One of the most underrated public resources in any city is the public library. Libraries provide a quiet place to read, study, and learn regardless of your stature. This makes them an invaluable asset! The city of Reno is supported by the Washoe County Library System, which conveniently offers a number of online resources as well. Whether you’re looking for e-books, business courses, or kid-friendly content, the Washoe County Online Library has you covered. Check it out here!


Order Food Delivery in Reno From a Local Eatery


The vibrant and diverse city of Reno is represented best by the restaurants that line the streets. Locally owned eateries are the lifeblood of the community and deserve support. Luckily, you can order food delivery in Reno from many of them! For a healthy and delicious option, check out Laughing Planet. Hailing from Portland, OR, Laughing Planet offers a number of freshly prepared Mexican-inspired dishes here in Reno as well. There are also a number of vegan options! You can order Doordash delivery here.


Stay Posted With Local News in Reno


Being an involved citizen means knowing what’s going on in your neighborhood. While mainstream media fails to cover many city-specific stories, local newspapers and periodicals stand out. This is Reno, an online-only and independent source, could use your subscription! Check out their website for a taste of breaking stories and more relevant coverage of the local news in Reno.


No matter how you decide to do it, being actively involved while living in Reno starts with small efforts. How are you planning on giving back to the community? Let us know in the comments!