Transform Your Space With Trending Apartment Decor

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Having a place to call your own is something to be celebrated. And what better way to show your appreciation for your new Riverside Park apartment than by redecorating? By revamping your space to your unique tastes, you get the opportunity to put in a piece of your personality in your home environment. Here are some ways to implement trending apartment decor into every room!


Create Calm with Minimal Decor


One design trend that never seems to go out of style is the modern minimal approach. Featuring clean lines, simple geometric patterns, and a “less is more” look, minimal decor compliments almost any room. You can create a sense of calm with modern minimal pieces, which is perfect for introverted types looking to create a home oasis. Check out this spotlight on minimal interior design for some brainstorming ideas!


Ring in the Season with Summer Decor


Bright, friendly sunshine and blooming flowers mark the beginning of the summer season! You can capture this feeling of lightness with summer decor pieces for your apartment. Try implementing nautical themes, pops of color, and floral patterns. This decor trend is perfect for fun-loving residents looking to bring about an energizing mood into the apartment. Here are some more suggestions to help inspire you!


Get Trendy Decor Delivered to Your Door


It’s easier than ever to overhaul your apartment from the comfort of your own home. Online delivery through the mail gets your picks sent directly to your door! For fans of minimal decor, All Modern is the one-stop shop for everything you need, like this stylish end table. And for summer decor stans, Etsy is sure to have the perfect homey touches, including this cute lemon-patterned pillow cover. Don’t be afraid to go nuts!


With trending apartment decor added to your space, your apartment will take on a new breath of fresh air! How are you planning on redecorating around the house? Let us know in the comments!

How to Handle Working From Home

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Has your employer made the switch to a remote work environment? Experiencing a change in the workplace can be overwhelming. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can go far in your work from home journey! Here are some tips on working remotely while living here at Riverside Park.


Set Aside Space for a Home Office


The environment you work in can affect your level of productivity. So, instead of falling for the trap of working from your bed, set aside space for your own home office! Your workstation should be away from the place you sleep so as not to disrupt your sleep cycle. Set up shop by a bright sunny window to cheer you up throughout the day! Here are some more suggestions on how to organize your home office space in your apartment.


Create a Set Remote Work Schedule


Since you’re not punching in anymore, it can be easy to lose track of time. Before you lose focus, tweak your previous schedule! Your new work from home routine should include unmoveable wake-up and clock-out times. That way, you don’t miss out on the sense of structure you had commuting to the workplace. Here are some more helpful tips on how to curate a schedule for working from home. 


Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

With more time opening up in the day, you might feel tempted to fill it by working even more to stay occupied. However, taking regular breaks help keep you refreshed and energized! There are a number of ways you can make sure you’re recharging. Do strengthening yoga poses in between tasks, take your full lunch hour, and use the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain from those screens.