Celebrate the Season With Spring Cleaning

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This month, we celebrate the arrival of the spring season! As the natural world around us is reinvigorated with warmer weather and beautiful blooms, your apartment at Riverside Park can do with a refresh too! Scheduling a spring cleaning session will clear away unnecessary clutter, both in physical spaces as well as mental. Here are some ways you can make your tidying date as productive as possible!


Engage in Cleaning Games for Kids


Living with little ones is a rewarding experience that can sometimes lead to messy living quarters. Get them on board with doing their part to keep the home tidy with cleaning games for kids! By adding an element of playfulness to the mundane task of chores, children will associate cleaning with positivity. Plus, parents who engage in the games will get in touch with their inner child too!


Get Crafty With DIY Cleaners


The overall message of springtime is letting go of the old to make way for the new. You can follow through with the mood by switching up your current cleaning product arsenal! While store-bought cleaners drive up your household budget, DIY cleaners typically cost pennies on the dollar to create. Whether you’re a natural hobbyist or are frugally minded, making your own cleaning products is simpler than it sounds! For example, this citrus-scented all-purpose spray takes just five ingredients to make and is perfect for beginners to try out.


Even More Green Cleaning Hacks


The greatest quality of switching to homemade cleaners is that, more often than not, it is the more eco-conscious choice. Store-bought products tend to contain harsh chemicals that harm the environment, as well as pose risks when used around pets and young children. Not only do naturally cleansing powerhouses like vinegar and baking soda get the job done just as effectively, but they’re a lot gentler on Mother Earth. Check out this list of green cleaning hacks to learn more about the best supplies to buy in bulk to clean every corner of your household safely!


Once you get your spring cleaning session underway, you may find your apartment to be a lot calmer and welcoming. How do you plan on tackling that clutter? Let us know in the comments!