Tips For a Safe Thanksgiving in Reno

Thanksgiving in RenoThanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may be wondering how you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Reno this year.

The CDC is warning against large gatherings with family and friends, the key component, besides the turkey, to our holiday traditions. Before you think this Thanksgiving you will be left sulking over a bag of Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn or a container of Roasted Turkey Pringles by yourself on the couch of your Riverside Park Lifestyle apartment, we have some great tips.

Celebrate the Holiday with Family and Friends Virtually

Create an invite list Set a time to eat and have a virtual Thanksgiving meal together! Take a moment to make a toast or to share what you are thankful for! Do not forget the Thanksgiving photo. Do a Zoom selfie of the entire gang!

Scale it Back

Your guest list is likely to be much smaller than usual this year, which means you can scale your menu back a bit.  Ask guests to bring their favorite dish and to leave the recipe behind.

Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Al Fresco

You are lucky that you live in a warmer climate. Why not take advantage of the nice weather by throwing an outdoor party. It is easier for multiple families to gather at a safe distance outside, whether it is at one of the many area parks or in the BBQ area of your apartment. 

Host a Virtual Game Night

For many of us, playing board games is part of our Thanksgiving tradition. You can still keep the tradition by hosting a virtual game night. Here is a link to some great tips for hosting a virtual game night this Thanksgiving in Reno.

Take a Walk

These walking trails near your Reno apartment are the perfect way to walk off that turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy calories.

Take a Nap 

The tryptophan in turkey makes you tired, so a nice nap on Thanksgiving Day in your Reno apartment is another way to keep up your Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving in Reno may be different this year, but with a little creativity, you can have a holiday you will treasure forever by following these tips to celebrate Thanksgiving.