Decorate Your Riverside Park Apartment for A Festive Holiday Season


The countdown to Christmas has begun! But, it’s not too late to get your holiday decorations up to create the cozy vibe you are looking for this winter. Check out some tips and tricks for decorating your home at Riverside Park.

Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into the New Year

The best decorations don’t require you to remove them once the clock strikes midnight. Instead, be strategic in your choices to keep your holiday season easy and stress-free. A little planning goes a long way towards keeping your festive decoration through the New Year.

The secret is to use holiday decorations that add a touch of elegance without relying too heavily on a Christmas theme. Think cozy neutrals, accents that sparkle, and all the shine you can handle. Perhaps most importantly, you can even use some of these pieces well into the winter months. Frosty the snowman would be proud!

A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland In Your Apartment

See below for a complete list of sophisticated trending Christmas items to keep your home looking fresh, festive, and bright.

  • Adorable pom-pom garland that adds a touch of color
  • This festive sled to bring some snow indoors
  • A shining star to up the cozy factor
  • This happy snowman ready to ski
  • An advertisement for Frosty’s coffee that will have you running to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of brew

Enjoy your Holiday Decorations In Style

Once you have your place in tip-top shape, you’ll still have plenty of time to get out and explore the beautiful weather and see the gorgeous sights Reno has to offer. After decorating for the holidays, you can rest assured there will be plenty of winter cheer to greet you!