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How to Prepare Your Apartment For Guests During Thanksgiving

Our Reno, NV Riverside Park Apartments provides exceptional comfort and style, including panoramic views and a wealth of amenities. Discover nearby local parks and activities in the area like Taylor Memorial Park and many more. Residents of our luxury apartments have the opportunity to explore our superb locations, which provide residents with easy access to the Washoe County Health District.
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DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving at Riverside Park

Fall 2021 has officially arrived at Riverside Park Apartments near downtown Reno, NV.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are both just around the corner with the arrival of fall. We are offering a few apartment decorating tips to extend the life of your interior decor throughout the season. The theme for this year is DIY artsy Halloween decorations
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Prepping for Fall 2021 Decor In Your Riverside Park Apartment

There are many reasons to get excited about fall, like spotting a harvest moon or catching birds on their migration south. However, the best part about fall is prepping your Riverside Park Apartment with trending fall 2021 decor. Our Favorite Fall ’21 Trends The color palette for autumn 2021 includes rusty red, plum, aubergine, burgundy, mustard, and
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How To Survive The Heatwaves In Your Reno Apartment

It’s never fun to receive a bill for utilities that’s much higher than you expect it to be. Fortunately, with apartment living, there are ways to keep your home cool while saving money.  Riverside Park is committed to helping residents stay cool and comfy during the summer heat. Whether you choose to enjoy a movie
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Summertime and Entertainment Near Riverside Park Apartments

Are you looking for a comfortable, safe, and family-friendly apartment? A local community and neighborhood that is fun in the summer? If you are, read on because Riverside Park Apartments- a gated community in the city of Reno- NV, is the place for you! Enjoy Everything Our City Has to Offer Riverside Park is located in downtown
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A Good Night’s Rest at Riverside Park Apartments

The best days start after a good night’s rest! That is because eight hours of sleep can improve your quality of life! A good night’s sleep improves your energy, your mood, and your immune system!  But for many of us, getting 7 to 8 hours of good sleep is just a dream. Instead of tossing
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Summertime Fun in Reno

It is summertime and that means outdoor grilling time.  Your Reno apartment has so many great amenities including a barbecue and picnic area.


Add Peace and Harmony to Your Reno Apartment

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to create a peaceful and harmonious living space. These decorating tips use the principles of Feng Shui to turn your Reno apartment into a calm retreat.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Reno Apartment

Spring has sprung, time to dust off and deep clean your apartment in Reno! Put away your winter clothing, change your bed linens to something fresh and spring like, and change up your towels in your apartment’s bathroom. 


Ways to Make Your Reno Apartment Cozy

Most of us want to make our apartments inviting and comfortable, but how can you make it warm and cozy? By making a few changes to a room’s color, lighting, furniture placement, and decorative accents, you can change the mood and atmosphere of the room completely.

Here are some tips to make your Reno apartment feel warm and cozy.


Make a New Year’s Resolution To Meditate

Are you like most of us and break your New Year’s resolutions before March? We have one resolution that is worth keeping and might even help you keep your other resolutions – mindfulness meditation. Mindful meditation involves breathing methods and other practices to relax your body and mind. It also helps you reduce stress. Here
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Celebrating the Holidays in Reno

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year, and across the area, people are stringing holiday lights through tree branches, hanging wreaths, and putting elaborate displays in front of their homes and businesses. Spectacular light displays are a great way to brighten the holidays in Reno. 


Tips For a Safe Thanksgiving in Reno

Thanksgiving in Reno may be different this year, but with a little creativity, you can have a holiday you will treasure forever by following these tips to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Stay-at-Home Ideas to Celebrate Halloween in Reno 

Are you looking for safe ways to celebrate Halloween in Reno this year? These great stay-at-home ideas are a safe way to get in the Halloween spirit this year.


Tips to Staying Healthy in Your Reno Apartment

Even though Reno doesn’t experience fall the way many other parts of the country do, cooler weather means that it is prime germ season. The temps will drop, especially at night, making colds and flu more prevalent. Just follow these tips to stay healthy in your Reno apartment this fall. STOCK UP ON SOAP & HAND
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Back to School Tips To Prepare Your Reno Apartment

A new school year is upon us and for many of us, that means less time enjoying the outdoors and more time in your Reno apartment studying and doing schoolwork.  To help you stay productive while studying from home, we have compiled some essential back to school tips for staying focused at home. Create a
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The Best Ice Cream Shops in Reno

It is summer, making it the perfect time to indulge in that quintessential experience of slowing down at one of the best ice cream shops in Reno on a hot day to make you feel like a kid again. Whether your tastes run from the classic or the cool Taoiyaki Ice cream, to gelato, and
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Transform Your Space With Trending Apartment Decor

Having a place to call your own is something to be celebrated. And what better way to show your appreciation for your new Riverside Park apartment than by redecorating? By revamping your space to your unique tastes, you get the opportunity to put in a piece of your personality in your home environment. Here are
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How to Handle Working From Home

Has your employer made the switch to a remote work environment? Experiencing a change in the workplace can be overwhelming. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can go far in your work from home journey! Here are some tips on working remotely while living here at Riverside Park.   Set Aside Space for a
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Get Involved With Your Neighborhood While Living in Reno

As a new resident of Riverside Park, you’ve also become a citizen of Reno! Getting in touch with your neighborhood enriches your living experience. Your efforts and involvement give back to the community! Here are some ways you can be an active citizen while living in Reno.    Check out Your Local Library in Reno Virtually  
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Celebrate the Season With Spring Cleaning

This month, we celebrate the arrival of the spring season! As the natural world around us is reinvigorated with warmer weather and beautiful blooms, your apartment at Riverside Park can do with a refresh too! Scheduling a spring cleaning session will clear away unnecessary clutter, both in physical spaces as well as mental. Here are
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What to Do On a Rainy Day

Wet weather got you down? As the rainy season approaches, now is the best time to spend engaging in fun seasonal activities. Instead of letting the rain put a damper on your parade, celebrate with these ideas!   Cozy Comfort Food at Home   The easiest way to stay nice and dry? By staying cozy
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Turning Your 2020 Predictions Into Reality

With the start of a new year comes new movies, new music, and, if you’re focused, new goals reached. It’s tradition to let go of old habits for healthy new ones once January 1st hits. If you didn’t make one and are wondering where to start, read on. Your 2020 predictions for yourself begin with
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The Happiest of Holiday Events in Reno!

2019 is almost gone, and that means holiday events in Reno will soon disappear for the season. Luckily, this vibrant city hosts a wide variety of spirited attractions. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or simply your splendid self, there’s plenty of fun to be had before the curtain falls on this year. Read on
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A Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving

We all know football is a true all-American sport, but do you know about its inextricable connection to the Thanksgiving Day holiday? While crisp fall winds, the changing color of the leaves, and a feeling of togetherness in the air are all unmistakable signs that the Thanksgiving season is upon us, a traditional Thanksgiving Day
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Celebrate Halloween Near Your Reno Apartments

For children, Halloween is all about trick-or-treating and candy; however, as we get older, we begin to see this holiday as a social event with costume parties and haunted houses. What will you do this year near your Reno apartments to keep things exciting? If you’re feeling rather social, there’s no better resource out there
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Add New Fragrances to Your Reno Apartments

When people think about decorating their apartments, they usually focus on sight instead of the other four senses. Why is that? It’s just as important to live in a place where the ambiance has comforting sounds and smells as well. This year, as you transition from summer to fall, consider filling your apartments with flowers
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Go Green in Your Reno Apartments

Do you care about the earth and its environment, in terms of it being sustainable? If so, consider going green in your Reno apartments. It’s a great way to show that you care and that you’re willing to make little steps towards making a big difference. The great thing about going green is that you
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Summer Events Near Your Apartments in Reno

Have you made any fun plans yet to check out summer events near your apartments in Reno?  Luckily, there are lots of fun things you can enjoy around Reno without having to drive too much or spend too much money. If you need some guidance on things you can do around your town, just check out
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Summer Cooking in Your Reno Apartments

What are your goals this summer? Is one of them to eat a little healthier? If so, make use of your kitchen in your Reno apartments to change up your routine. Consider heading to your local farmer’s market, whether you do so alone or with friends and family, to stock up on some much-needed, fresh
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Find Love Near Your Reno Apartments This February

The great thing about having close friendships and relationships is that they tend to add tremendous meaning to our lives. Are you single and tired of cooking for one? The great thing about living in your apartments in Reno is that there are lots of places you can go to around you where you can
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