A Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving

Turkey Bowl

We all know football is a true all-American sport, but do you know about its inextricable connection to the Thanksgiving Day holiday? While crisp fall winds, the changing color of the leaves, and a feeling of togetherness in the air are all unmistakable signs that the Thanksgiving season is upon us, a traditional Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl is a custom that dates almost as far back as the holiday’s original inception.


From Humble College Beginnings to an American Tradition

Just six years following the first Turkey Day, Philadelphia, PA held the first Thanksgiving Day football match in the year 1869, between the Young American Cricket Club and the Germantown Cricket Club. This trend picked back up in New York from 1876 to 1881, where Princeton played against Yale on every Thanksgiving throughout the years. Finally, in 1882, the Intercollegiate Football Association officially recognized this traditional event, and from there it simply stuck around in American culture. As for the fun term, “Turkey Bowl”? Well, when high school teams started to adopt the All-American tradition, they decided to coin the event after the tasty bird enjoyed at Thanksgiving tables across the nation, and the rest is history!


A Can’t-Miss Football Match 

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or a casual viewer, finding football games to watch on Thanksgiving this year won’t be hard. The NFL will be hosting three exciting games throughout the holiday. Tune in throughout the day and you can catch the Chicago Bears play Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills against Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints versus Atlanta Falcons. Don’t forget to check out a bit of each team’s stats to up the ante of each match! They’re sure to bring the heat, so gather the family together to watch while you wait for that beautiful bird to cook!


Local Turkey Bowl Events

Rather watch a community football match closer to Reno, NV? Well, you’re in luck! Over at Mackay Stadium, just a couple miles away from Riverside Park, you can witness the exciting intra-state battle between the Nevada Wolf Pack and the UNLV Rebels. Cheer on the home team on Saturday, November 30th at the Battle for Fremont Canyon! Rather throw your own football match? Why not consider organizing a neighborhood game at a local park? That way, you can spread the team-centered spirit and friendly competition of football within your own Riverside Park!
If you’re not sure what day is Thanksgiving 2019, be sure to keep November 28th on your radar. Whether you watch the pros dukes it out from the comfort of your couch, take the family out for a local live game, or start a new Turkey Bowl tradition of your own, you just might feel a little closer to traditional American culture as well as family when you implement some football into the mix this year. Have a happy Turkey Day!