What to Do On a Rainy Day

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Wet weather got you down? As the rainy season approaches, now is the best time to spend engaging in fun seasonal activities. Instead of letting the rain put a damper on your parade, celebrate with these ideas!


Cozy Comfort Food at Home


The easiest way to stay nice and dry? By staying cozy and warm at home in your apartment. Nothing beats the comforting feeling of bundling up on the couch with some blankets and a cup of your favorite tea. If you choose to lounge about, be sure to up the soothing factor by cooking up some comfort food! These tasty recipes are sure to give you a little inspiration. From loaded stews to baked mac and cheese, these selections are perfect to warm you up on a rainy day. 


Nature Walk at Riverside Park


Maybe you’re not afraid of a few raindrops. Sometimes, walking about in the rain can provide calm and solace! If you’re open to it, taking a nature walk during a rainy day can be quite beautiful. Here at Riverside Park, we’ve got you covered. With gorgeous trails just steps away, you can take in the beauty of the wet weather firsthand. Be prepared before you head out by taking an umbrella or a coat with a waterproof hood!


Fun Things to Do in Reno While it Rains


If you truly want to venture out during a rainy day, Reno is an ideal place to be. There are a ton of fun things to do in Reno you can partake in while staying dry. For example, the vibrant museums in Reno are a sight to see. On weekends, you can visit the Fleischmann Planetarium! The center hosts breathtaking shows spanning across the astronomical spectrum. Or, you can check out the Nevada Museum of Art. With rotating exhibits and varied pieces, this place is sure to engage artists and appreciators alike.


There are so many other indoor activities you can partake in on a rainy day. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!